How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Are you showing off a sparkly new ring lately? We can’t wait to see! There is nothing more exciting than a sweet proposal and a gorgeous ring to match.

But now that you’re engaged, you might be wondering: how should you take care of your new ring? 

We’ve got you covered! Taking care of your engagement ring isn’t too difficult, but it’s definitely important to preserve its shiny sparkle. Take a look at our list below to keep your ring sparkling for years to come!

How to take care of your engagement ring:
    • Insure your ring. First things first: get your ring insured as soon as possible after the proposal. It has too much sentimental (and likely financial) value to go uninsured for long. Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies offer an option to add coverage for personal items or jewelry.
    • Properly size your ring. This is almost as important as insuring your ring! A loose band could result in a lost ring if you’re not careful. If the ring isn’t a perfect fit, take it to a jeweler right away for resizing. This process typically only takes about one week, so you won’t have to live without your new gem for too long!
    • Clean your ring regularly. Your ring will pick up residue from everyday use (lotions, oil, and everyday dust/dirt). To keep it looking shiny, soak the ring in warm water and dish soap every once in awhile. You can use a soft-bristled tooth brush to give it an extra polish.
    • Yearly checkups. An annual visit to the jeweler is the best way to maintain your ring for years to come! They can give it a professional cleaning, and check the setting of all gems and prongs to ensure nothing has come loose.
  • Store your ring safely. If you choose to take your ring off, always put it in a safe dedicated place. We recommend a ring box—so you always know exactly where it will be. (Not to mention: ring boxes look amazing in wedding-day photos!). And don’t forget: if you’re taking the ring off while on vacation, always lock it in the hotel room safe.

Extra tips: 

  • Have your ring cleaned professionally prior to the wedding day… it’s going to be in a quite a few photos!
  • Schedule regular manicures during engagement. Friends and family members will constantly be reaching for your hand to take a peek at that gorgeous ring! Make sure your nails are ready for their close-up too.

We hope you’ll be in touch soon so we can get a look at your beautiful ring! We absolutely love proposal stories, and can’t wait to hear yours. Contact us to start planning your own special day!

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