Bridal Accessories Checklist (Free Download!)


Bridal Accessories: Wedding Day Checklist (Free Download!)

Who doesn’t love a good details shot? We certainly do! Those little details – heirloom earrings, a signature perfume – those are the sweet things that will always remind you of the day you walked down the aisle. Make sure photographers have an opportunity to capture all of these special details on the day of your wedding!

Usually, photographers will capture these “details shots” along with the “getting ready photos” while you and your bridesmaids are doing hair and makeup. We recommend packing all these special details into one bag so the photographer will have easy access on your wedding day. Bring the bag of accessories and heirlooms along with you to the hotel where you are getting ready. That way, you can be sure to get every one of those gorgeous “getting ready” details photos!

If you have any particularly sentimental items (i.e., an heirloom handkerchief from your grandmother), be sure to tell your photographer prior to the wedding day. If it’s on their shot list, you’re much more likely to receive beautifully styled photos of that particular item. You can also ask your wedding calligrapher to prepare a few hand-lettered envelopes for stationery styling; most stationers are happy to comply.

We know you have plenty on your mind leading up to the big day, so we want to take one more thing off your plate. Download our bridal accessories checklist to make sure you have all those special little details covered!



Still worried you might miss something? Let our team help you! We have all the checklists you’ll need to ensure a picture-perfect wedding day… and we’ll be there with our emergency kits just in case anything goes awry.

Happy wedding planning!


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