Valentine’s Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Dallas Wedding Planners | Valentine's Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

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Wedding Planners: Valentine’s Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Raise your hand if you love love! 🙋 When it comes to sweet love stories, our team of wedding planners and florists just can’t get enough! And there’s a lot to celebrate this time of year. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… and if you’re engaged, this holiday is going to be an extra special one.

We know how stressful wedding planning can be. Sometimes it feels like you haven’t had a conversation about anything but the wedding in weeks. But Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your sweetheart and fall in love all over again.

Are you ready to plan a special date night just for two? We’ve got you covered! We created a list of Valentine’s date night ideas for engaged couples. There are just two rules:

  1. No wedding talk! Put a conversational ban on all things wedding. Put your planning and stress aside for the night, and focus on heartfelt conversation that will help you reconnect before the big day.
  2. Put the phones away. Now is the time to be present and enjoy each other’s company. Emails, texts, and Instagram can wait for another day. Just focus on being “in the moment” with the love of your life. After all, it won’t be long before you become husband and wife!
Take a look at a few of our favorite Valentine’s date ideas for engaged couples:
  • A trip down memory lane: Visit a location that reminds you of your love story… maybe the movie theater where you had your first date, or a picnic at the park where you first kissed. A visit to your proposal location is always a sweet reminder of your upcoming vows! To add to the romance, write a love note to your future spouse, telling them how excited you are to spend forever together. Share a sentimental moment when you read each other’s words.
  • A night in: Pull out all the comfy blankets and light a candle or two for a quiet night in. Order pizza or cook a meal together—whatever suits your fancy. Want to kickstart some fun conversations? Use TableTopics cards to spark some interesting stories!
  • All dressed up: Sometimes it’s fun to get all dressed up and revel in a fancy date-night outing. To make things extra special, consider renting a luxury vehicle for the night… and don’t forget the champagne! Be sure to make reservations early, as tables can fill up quickly this time of year.
  • A little adventure: Feeling a bit more adventurous? Consider planning a hike or nature walk together. It will be a great opportunity to connect and share a memorable experience together. A little time in the great outdoors is always good for you!
  • Weekend getaway: This one is our favorite! What could be better than a whole weekend spent together? It doesn’t have to be fancy or over-the-top… a road trip to a cute AirBnB will definitely do the trick. Just turn off the technology and let yourself relax for a few days of restoration. You can even consider a “staycation” at a local hotel… enjoy the benefits of a luxury resort, without having to plan a thing. Just settle down by the poolside and sip a cocktail next to the love of your life.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy your special date night with your fiancé. You two deserve it! And next Valentine’s Day… you’ll be a married couple!


When you’re ready to jump back into wedding planning, feel free to reach out: we would love to take the stress out of your planning experience. Our team of wedding planners is excited to celebrate your love story!


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