Wedding Flowers for Moms

Wedding Flowers for Moms | Happy Mother's Day from A Stylish Soiree

Wedding Flowers for Moms 

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing moms out there! We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent posts about including Mothers of the Bride and Mothers of the Groom in your wedding celebration. Today, we’ve got one more post for you to wrap up the Mother’s Day weekend… wedding flowers for moms!

It is traditional for the bride’s and groom’s parents to process down the aisle before the bridal party enters the ceremony. The seating of the parents typically signals the beginning of the wedding ceremony; guests’ attention is directed toward the aisle, and anticipation heightens for the procession to begin.

Since all eyes will be on the MOB (Mother of the Bride) and the MOG (Mother of the Groom) as they are escorted down the aisle, you may wish to adorn both mothers with wedding flowers. This distinguishes both ladies as respective mothers of the bride and groom, and is a polite gesture of honor toward your parents. Plus – if the moms are a bit nervous – a floral arrangement can give them something to do with their hands, making their journey down the aisle a little less intimidating.

There are quite a few floral options for moms! Any of the following wedding flowers can be personalized to complement your bridal party bouquets, and each of them are acceptable as floral arrangements for MOB and / or  MOG:

  • Wrist Corsage: a traditional option, the wrist corsage is a small gathering of blooms affixed to a bracelet-style cuff to be worn on the wrist. Wrist corsages allow moms to keep their hands free – making them an ideal choice if your MOB and MOG would like to carry a clutch or handkerchief during the ceremony.
  • Dress Corsage: another traditional selection, a dress corsage is a similar grouping of blooms that (instead of the wrist) is pinned to the left-side lapel of a jacket or a dress. Dress corsages have faded from popularity in recent years, but they are a classic arrangement – and may be a favorite for grandmothers, especially if they are wearing a long-sleeved jacket that makes it difficult to wear a wrist corsage.
  • Bouquet: some brides include a full bouquet for their MOB and / or MOG. These arrangements can be identical to the bridesmaid bouquets, or may have some distinguishing floral element (for example, a slightly different complementary color, or a unique sprig of greenery added only to the mothers’ bouquets).
  • Posy: similar to a bouquet, a posy is simply a smaller version of a classic bouquet. This is a popular choice for MOBs and MOGs, as it gives moms something to hold while they walk down the aisle – but is not cumbersome after they’ve been seated. Posies are a lovely way to distinguish moms as parents of the happy couple!
  • Floral Clutch: for a unique twist, ask your florist to embellish a clutch purse for your MOB and / or MOG. A few thoughtfully arranged blooms affixed to her clutch can be great way to spruce up your moms’ wedding-day attire, and serve a practical purpose. Plus, she won’t have to worry about managing both a bouquet and a purse as she makes her debut on the aisle.

So, which one suits your style? Any of these arrangements can be a beautiful way to honor your MOB and MOG in the wedding ceremony. And don’t forget, these can be offered to grandmothers as well! Talk with your MOB and MOG to see which flowers they might prefer, then let your florist create a unique piece for each mom. We would be honored to help!

To all the mothers out there… Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you for all that you do. We are lucky to work closely with MOBs and MOGs, and it is a joy to see their love and support throughout the entire planning process. We hope you all enjoy a lovely day celebrating your moms and mothers-in-law!

And to our vendor friends: Happy Mother’s Day to all the working mamas out there. In wedding industry, we know many of you work long and late hours to serve your clients wholeheartedly – and yet, in all the chaos, you still make time for your little ones. We admire all the moms out there who are doing their best to love their families and their businesses! Balancing both is no easy feat, and we are honored to work alongside so many mamas who do it well. Happy Mother’s Day; you deserve to celebrate!

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