Watch Out For These Sneaky Wedding Expenses

Don't Let These Sneaky Wedding Expenses Take You By Surprise!


It’s no secret: your wedding day is an investment. Whether your budget is big or small (or somewhere in between), the financial side of planning a wedding can be tricky. The big-ticket items take first priority: venue, catering, planner, photographer, florals, and entertainment. And then you’ll explore additional vendors: gown, hair and makeup, stationery, cake/dessert, and transportation.

There are plenty of helpful budgeting tools out there, but we’ve noticed that they aren’t always comprehensive. In addition to all the vendors listed above, there are some sneaky expenses that can slip into your budget! Plan ahead so these sneaky wedding expenses don’t take you by surprise:

    • Stamps: these add up fast! Standard postage is $.49 per stamp. Depending on your stationery design, you may need need additional postage to deliver large or bulky envelopes. Plus, you’ll need to purchase an additional stamp for each RSVP envelope (it’s proper etiquette for you to include pre-stamped RSVP envelopes within your suite).

      And that’s not all! Don’t forget—you’ll be writing quite a few thank you notes during engagement (and after). Each thank you note will also require a postage stamp—so now we’re up to at least 3 stamps per household. For such a small detail, the stamps can add up: $.49 x 3 = $1.47 per each household. $1.47 x 200 households = $294 added to the cost of your invitation suite (and we didn’t even include Save-the-Dates here).

    • Manicures: it’s likely that you’ll be getting quite a few manicures while you’re engaged. Make sure your nails are ready for their close-up, especially on the big day (and before important photo sessions, like engagements or bridal portraits). Salon visits can add up, but a little pampering for the busy bride-to-be is worth every penny!
    • Undergarments: your dress may require a little extra consideration when it comes to wedding-day undergarments (especially for plunging-neckline, strapless, backless, or sheer gowns). Don’t forget to think about lingerie, shapewear, and/or garters before the big day arrives!
    • Gown Cleaning and Preservation: after you’ve tied the knot, you will likely want to send your gown out for cleaning and preservation. Fees for these services may range from $250–$700.
    • Gift for Your Bride- or Groom-to-be: we love the new tradition of exchanging gifts with your sweetheart on the wedding day. Send an engraved watch or a pair of personalized cufflinks to your soon-to-be husband, along with a note to tell him how excited you are to see him on the aisle.
    • Welcome Bag Delivery Fees: welcome bags are a thoughtful touch for out-of-town guests, but they can add an unexpected cost to your wedding budget. Altogether, each bag may cost anywhere from $5–$10 (or more, if you’re super generous!). But there may also be a delivery fee from the hotel distributing the bags to guests. Be sure to ask each concierge as you arrange room blocks.
    • Gratuities/Tips: if you wish to tip any of your vendors, you may do so online (when you submit regular payments), or via check in sealed envelopes to be distributed at the end of the night. Check your contracts first—although it’s not common, some vendors may include gratuities already.Not sure how much to tip? Take a look at this handy guide for appropriate wedding vendor tipping.
    • Taxes: last but definitely not least… don’t forget that taxes will be added to all of your wedding purchases. Since your wedding day is such a big investment, taxes will definitely add a large sum to your overall budget. Be conscious of taxes as you budget—don’t let them be a shock later in the process!


Now you know: keep an eye out for these sneaky wedding expenses, so that unexpected costs won’t derail your budget. Budgeting may not be one of the “fun” parts of the wedding planning experience, but it’s well worth the time and effort to plan ahead! Your bank account will thank you!

Need help budgeting? Inquire about our planning packages. We’d be happy to assist you!



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