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Planning Weddings | Wedding Traditions You Can Ignore


Planning Weddings | Traditions It’s Okay to Ignore

Nobody loves a traditional wedding like we do… time-honored traditions and classic taste will never go out of style! Traditions are an important part your wedding-day experience; they help facilitate memorable moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime. However, not all traditions are essential.


While wedding-day traditions can be meaningful, they’re not mandatory; after all, this is your special day! Every detail should reflect your personality—whether that includes tradition or not. Take a peek at our list of wedding traditions that, over time, have become totally optional:

  • Not seeing each other before the wedding: we’re all in favor of the first look! Over the past few years, the first look has become the new tradition—and it’s easy to see why. First looks make your wedding-day schedule run much more smoothly, and give you and your sweetheart a private moment to savor the excitement of the big day. Learn more about benefits of a first look in our post with Tracy Autem Photography.
  • Cake smash: we love the newlywed cake-cutting and champagne toast… but we have to confess, cake in the face is a tradition we can definitely do without. Preserve your dress and your makeup by opting out of the cake-bite exchange; the champagne toast will do just fine!
  • Cake at all! that being said, many couples are now forgoing cake in favor of another sweet treat. If wedding cake isn’t your style, serve up delectable donuts, mouthwatering pastries, or even a custom dessert bar. Better yet? Serve them both! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
  • Garter toss: this tradition has declined in popularity over the years. Most brides still do a bouquet toss (although that is also optional!), but many couples are declining the garter toss. Trust us, your guests won’t miss this activity if you decide to do without it.
  • White dresses: believe it or not, softly colored dresses are making a debut in the wedding industry. Subtle shades of color like champagne and blush are adding a new layer of elegance to bridal gowns. If you’re bold enough to embrace a new hue, feel free to skip the white gown!


For us, planning weddings is all about the couple. As a Dallas wedding planner, we believe every celebration should be exactly what the bride and groom envision… and for some couples, that means skipping tradition! Any of the rituals on this list have become optional—meaning it’s up to you to decide whether or not they complement your special day.

Whether you’re a traditional bride embracing a completely classic ceremony, or a modern couple looking to mix things up… our Dallas wedding planner team is happy to help! We can’t wait to hear all about your vision for the big day—with or without these traditions.


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