Above and Beyond: 32 Crazy Things We’ve Done Behind The Scenes

Best Dallas Wedding Planner | Behind the Scenes: 25 Things Your Wedding Planner Will Do That You Won't Even Know About

Best Dallas Wedding Planner | Behind the Scenes with A Stylish Soiree

No matter how much preparation goes into your big day, there will always be a hiccup or two on the day of the wedding. As a Dallas wedding planner, we’re here to make sure you don’t even know about those little setbacks! We pitch in, problem-solve, and smooth things over so that you, as the bride, don’t have to worry about a thing.

Luckily, we’ve got a decade of experience under our belts; we believe detailed planning from the get-go significantly narrows your chances of any hiccups arising. That being said, it’s always good to be aware of “what could happen” and to know that, in the event of a small snafu, your Dallas wedding planner has it covered. Not every planner is willing to jump in and do the dirty work, but here at A Stylish Soiree we’ve got your back no matter what. The items on these list don’t happen at every wedding (thankfully!), but they have happened before!

Here’s a sample of just a few tasks we’ve been known to complete behind the scenes…

  1. Scraping bird poop off a bride’s dress using a Shout wipe, just before the ceremony
  2. Running to the store to get fire-ant poison for the ant mounds that were all over the ceremony venue
  3. Being family therapist—solving arguments among family members without involving the bride
  4. Fixing boutonnieres that break or get crushed (sadly, guys don’t have the best reputation for carefully protecting our flowers!)
  5. Going to the liquor store to re-stock the bar because the bride seriously underestimated how much her guests would drink…
  6. Facilitating drunk guests at the end of the night—and getting them into cabs for a safe ride home
  7. Cutting the groom off, so that he’ll actually make it down the aisle and remember the ceremony!
  8. Adjusting a bride’s dress: constantly monitoring dress length, bustle status, and boob placement (gotta make sure they stay in the dress!)
  9. Sewing, safety pinning, and stain-removing bridesmaids’ dresses
  10. Going to Mens Wearhouse on the day of the wedding to get pocket squares, pants, and shoes for a Father of the Bride who didn’t have them
  11. Going to the store to get plates, utensils, cake cutters, ice, serving spoons, etc.
  12. Going to the store to get bar supplies, beer and wine openers, towels, shakers, etc.—anything that the “freelance bartenders” the couple hired forgot to bring
  13. Buying cake toppers, table numbers, chair signs, etc. because someone forgot to bring them
  14. Re-icing a wedding cake after the frosting started to melt
  15. Re-structuring a cake after it started to lean
  16. Re-decorating a cake that was sent with the wrong decoration
  17. Fixing delivery mishaps—like lounge furniture delivered to the wrong event (yikes!)
  18. Using vendor relationships to fix any problems (we were able to get another vendor to use their box truck to deliver the lounge furniture to the correct wedding… thank you, vendor friends!)
  19. Cleaning bridal/groom suites
  20. Cleaning spilled drinks/glass off of the dance floor (while guests are still dancing!)
  21. Cleaning up vomit in the toilet trailers at a wedding on a private residence
  22. Emptying trash cans, when the caterer won’t
  23. Bussing tables, when the catering staff won’t
  24. Moving tables, chairs, and furniture
  25. Assembling IKEA furniture for lounge area
  26. Clamping linens to tables that are blowing away due to wind
  27. Holding crying babies during the ceremony
  28. Wrangling children in the right direction
  29. Taking left over items at the end of the night
  30. Storing items after the wedding
  31. Dumpster-diving for an heirloom ring that the grandmother tied on the the bride bouquet and didn’t tell anyone! The bouquet was thrown away with all kinds of garbage at the end of the night. Luckily, we did recover the family ring!
  32. Picking up the couple’s dog and bringing him to the wedding (and we’re so glad we did… guests loved him!)


This list is just the beginning; our job as your Dallas wedding planner runs the gamut of odd jobs and behind-the-scenes tasks. If anything, we believe this list is further evidence that a planner is so worth the investment… let us handle these little hiccups, so you and your family can relax and enjoy the day without ever knowing about any small obstacles that might crop up. You don’t want mom to be dumpster-diving at the end of the night! Let us handle it… Because ultimately, no matter how crazy things get, we love what we do!

At A Stylish Soiree, we believe our vendor team is just that—a team. Luckily for us, we work with amazing vendors who can help us pull off any event, no matter what kind of hiccups arise. On your wedding day, we’re just one part of a much bigger picture. That means nobody is superior on our vendor team; nobody is above pitching in to help… whether that means moving chairs, holding a crying baby, or safety pinning a bridesmaid dress. We’re not afraid to get down and dirty if that’s what it takes to deliver your dream day!


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