5 Ways to De-Stress While Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Planning Dallas | 5 Ways to De-Stress While Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Planning Dallas | 5 Ways to De-Stress While Planning Your Wedding


Being engaged is a whirlwind experience… it’s a precious season to share with your sweetheart, and a beautiful time to connect with loved ones. However, between all the wedding planning decisions and parties in your honor, sometimes it feels like the spotlight is always on you. The bride (and/or groom!) has to make countless decisions about the big day: Ivory linens or blush? Which shoes will the bridesmaids wear? Who’s driving Grandma to the ceremony? What time should you do a first look? 

It adds up! Prevent wedding planning overwhelm by taking time for yourself. Start with these top five tips to de-stress while planning your wedding:

5. Get regular manicures: Put this at the top of your to-do list! As a bride-to-be, you’ll have people asking to see your gorgeous ring all the time. All the sudden, your hand is extremely popular! Make sure your nails are ready to show off that sparkly gem. Treat yourself to regular manicures to guarantee an hour of relaxation away from all the planning.

4. Exercise often, sleep well: Trust us, it’s important. You’ll feel better (and look great on the wedding day) if you take good care of yourself. It might be tempting to skip out on these essentials, but you should prioritize self-care over wedding planning—always. Stick to a routine; it will help keep balance in your daily schedule, and set a dependable rhythm for your week amidst planning craziness.

3. Delegate: Feeling overwhelmed? Delegate what you can (see also #1!). Make a list of the wedding decisions that are truly most important to you. If a planning task doesn’t land on that list, delegate it. Invite your bridesmaids over to stuff invitations, or take your mom up on that offer to assemble favors. If a friend asks how they can help, have a short list of simple tasks in mind so you can delegate.

2. Carve out date nights (no wedding talk allowed!): Don’t let the wedding overshadow your relationship. Engagement is a precious, short season of life—you deserve to enjoy it! Remember that the wedding day is just the start of a lifetime together… it is far more important to build the foundation of a marriage than it is to have the perfect shade of napkin at your reception. Set aside scheduled date nights with your soon-to-be husband (no wedding talk allowed!). Reconnect, fall in love all over again, and have fun.

1. Hire a wedding planner! We can’t stress this one enough. Sure, we may be biased… but objectively, there are so many reasons you’ll be grateful for a planner. An experienced coordinator will help you make decisions that bring your dream wedding day to life. They’ll keep you on track, on time, and on budget. They’ll also connect you with top-notch vendors who will go above and beyond to make your big day a success. If there is anything you do to give yourself peace of mind, hire a wedding planner!


We hope these 5 tips make your wedding planning experience a bit smoother. Don’t forget to celebrate the little things (and feel free to pop the champagne over small victories!). Though there are a lot of tasks to accomplish, wedding planning shouldn’t overwhelm your relationships with the people you love. Keep it all in perspective!

Want to hand over all the logistics to us? We’d be happy to help. Our team is known for some of the top wedding planning Dallas has to offer. We specialize in executing personalized, memorable celebrations. We’re here to take the stress away from you during engagement, and to bring you a wedding day perfectly tailored to your dream vision. Contact us if we can be of assistance!

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