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Seating all your friends and family at a reception – big or small – can be a delicate task. Who sits next to the bride and groom? Will your bridal party sit with you? What about grandparents? There’s no right or wrong answer, depending on your personal preference… as Dallas wedding planners + florists, we’ve designed hundreds of seating layouts, and each one beautifully represents the couple’s vision!
There are three major choices for seating the bride and groom:

  1. Head Table: a popular option, the head table typically offers seating for the newlywed couples and the bridal party, as well as parents (if desired). Head tables are a versatile choice; they can be scaled to seat any bridal party size, and their position within the room layout is flexible. They can also be decorated with stunning florals to set them apart from guest tables and add a bit of “wow factor” to your reception area.
  2. Regular Table: though not very common, couples can certainly opt for a regular guest table—which would usually seat the newlyweds, parents, and maid of honor/best man. Luxe linens and floral design will ensure the table is distinctive, but overall this choice is a more subtle option that will place brides and grooms amidst their guests.
  3. Sweetheart Table: today we’ll be highlighting the sweetheart table! An increasingly popular trend, sweetheart tables are set just for two: the bride and groom. Plus, they offer remarkable benefits to the happy couple. Read on to learn why you’ll fall in love with the idea of a sweetheart table!


Why you’ll love a sweetheart table at your reception:

  • Intimate conversation: with a table set for two, the bride and groom get a bit more privacy to enjoy their first few hours as husband and wife. Of course, guests will come offer congratulations—but the chances of a few quiet moments together are much higher with a table designed just for the two of you.
  • Décor made to impress: with a sweetheart table as your reception’s focal point, you can go all-out on floral design and tabletop décor! Take time to make the table extra special with a stunning floral garland or centerpiece, distinctive linens, or even a meaningful place setting (using your new wedding china, or perhaps family heirloom plates). A sweetheart table is a grand opportunity to make the table uniquely and unforgettably yours.
  • Easier to greet guests: a head table or guest table can make it tricky to navigate the room and greet your guests. A sweetheart table allows guests to come to you! Some couples may even leave two empty chairs across from them; friends and family can stop by the table to say hello and offer their congratulations.


So what do you think? Is a sweetheart table right for you? We’re in love with this trend, and we think it has a lot to offer for newlywed couples. That being said, our priority is crafting an event that speaks to your creative vision. Whether you opt for a sweetheart setting, head table, or regular guest table, we’ll bring every detail to life exactly as you imagined.

Fill us in on your ideas for the big day! As Dallas wedding planners and florists, we’d love to hear all about your vision. From seamless planning to remarkable floral design, we’ll plan an event you and your guests will never forget.

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