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Dallas TX Wedding Planner | Grand Exit Strategy

You’ve walked down the aisle, exchanged wedding rings, and promised “I do.” You’ve cut the cake, raised a celebratory champagne flute, and the last dance is about to play. It’s the end of the night, and you’re ready to make your grand exit as the newlywed Mr. and Mrs! How can you finish the night on an unforgettable note? Plan a memorable grand exit!

Why plan a grand exit? First, it’s definitely a show-stopper. This is the last impression of your special day… so make it a memorable one! A grand exit is the perfect way to end your celebration on a high note. In addition, the grand exit signals the end of your reception; it’s a practical way to finish off the evening and help usher guests home after a fun night of celebrating.

As a Dallas TX wedding planner, we love to see how couples embrace the grand exit. From fancy getaway cars to shimmering sparklers, every sendoff is unique. Whether your style is classic, glamorous, or modern, there’s a grand exit to suit your wedding-day style.

Today we’re sharing our favorite ideas for a stylish sendoff. Take a look and see which one is right for you!

  • Sparklers: an ever-popular choice, sparklers are an elegant and glamorous way to make your exit. As your Dallas TX wedding planner, we’ll help distribute sparklers to guests and light each one in preparation for the bride and groom. The illumination sets a romantic aisle for the final exit, and the photos always look incredible!
  • Ribbons: let guests wave ribbon streamers over the bride and groom as they make their exit. Ribbons make a whimsical statement, and they can be coordinated to match your color palette. Plus, they make for a hassle-free cleanup.
  • Petals: an elegant choice for any bride, flower petals never fail to make an impression! Fill small cups or cones with loose petals and let guests toss them over the happy couple.
  • Bubbles: what could be more playful than a pathway of shimmering bubbles? Guests love this option, and it’s easy to see why… this grand exit creates quite a magical getaway.
  • Band: looking for a New-Orleans wedding vibe? See if your wedding band can provide an accompaniment behind your bride and groom on their way toward the getaway car; nothing says celebration like a trumpet sendoff!
  • Vintage Getaway Car: splurge on a distinctive getaway vehicle to complete the whole scene. Our preferred rental companies have plenty of memorable options so you can drive off in style.

A few extra things to consider… 

Don’t throw rice! Although it might be tradition, there’s a reason it has been nearly phased out: it hurts! The small grains of rice can actually be quite painful when thrown at the newlywed couple. Plus, it’s a nightmare to comb out of your hair!

Also, be aware that some venues have restrictions that will influence your choice of grand exit. Always be sure to ask about fire safety, and be respectful of venues that don’t allow colored confetti that can be tough to clean up. It’s always a good idea to double-check your getaway ideas with your wedding planner and with your venue!

Lastly… don’t forget a romantic kiss! A sweep-you-off-your-feet, showstopping kiss is key to the perfect grand exit. After all, you’re finally married!


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